Kathryn Krickstein Pressel MammoVan

Morgan Pressel learned what it takes to be a champion when she became the youngest player ever to win a major championship in 2007. Today, she is a champion for a cause close to her heart -- breast cancer. “My mother, Kathy Krickstein Pressel, passed away when I was only 15, but I made it my goal as a professional athlete to raise awareness and funds to fight breast cancer,” Morgan says.

In 2008, Morgan established the Morgan & Friends Fight Breast Cancer Tournament at St. Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton. In its first two years, her event (and proceeds from her Polo/Ralph Lauren Pink Pony shirt) has raised more than $500,000 for Boca Raton Regional Hospital’s Eugene M. & Christine E. Lynn Cancer Institute and Lynn Women’s Health & Wellness Institute - The Schmidt Family Center for Breast Care.

In the tournament's second year, Morgan and the Morgan & Friends directed that their funds be used to benefit everyone in the community. Now, the Kathy Krickstein Pressel MammoVan is a reality. The completely digital, handicapped accessible mobile mammography vehicle is named after Morgan's mother. It will travel throughout Palm Beach county and beyond providing affordable and convenient access to mammography equipment as well as clinical breast exams and breast health education. 


The Kathryn Krickstein Pressel MammoVan is an extension of the stellar care provided at the Christine E. Lynn Women’s Health & Wellness Institute–The Schmidt Family Center for Breast Care. Services include:
  • Internationally renowned radiologists in breast health imaging
  • No prescriptions needed for screening mammograms (over the age of 40)
  • State-of-the-art imaging technology
  • The convenience of bringing the excellent service directly to you
  • All results available within 2 business days


If you are interested in booking the MammoVan for one of your corporate or community events, please contact the MammoVan coordinator at 561-955-6284 or MStallone@brrh.com


Here are some important information you need to know about your visit on the MammoVan:
  • The MammoVan provides screening mammography for women 35 and older who are not experiencing any symptoms. If you are under 35 years old or have any issues with your breasts, please contact 561.955.5107 for assistance
  • A prescription is highly recommended but not required for a screening mammogram. However depending on your insurance company, one may be required for the exam. By having a prescription, we can ensure that your healthcare provider receives the results of your examination in a timely manner.
  • If you have had your breast imaging elsewhere in the past, we require that you obtain those previous images and reports prior to your appointment. It is very important that the radiologist is able to compare your current mammogram with any past mammograms to be able to detect if there are any changes to your breasts. If you are unable to obtain the prior images, please complete the Medical Release Form and fax it to 561-955-2948. If you need further assistance, please call our Medical Records department and they will be happy to assist you at 561-955-5000.
  • For ease on the day of your appointment, please:
    • Wear a two piece outfit for your comfort
    • Bring your prescription if you have one, your ID card, and your insurance cards
    • If you are a new patient, bring your prior breast imaging CDs, films, and/or reports
    • Bring your completed Personal History Form


  1. Medical Release Form: This form should be filled out and faxed to The Schmidt Family Center for Breast Care-Medical Records department in order to expedite and facilitate obtaining of your prior imaging. It is very important for us to have any prior breast imaging available at the time of your exam so the radiologist can compare them to your recent exam to determine if there are any changes in the breasts. If you have questions about your prior imaging, please call 561-955-5000.
  2. Personal History Form: It is important that we have your personal and family history updated at each visit. This information is used to evaluate and determine your risk for developing breast cancer. Please complete this form and bring it with you on the day of your appointment. If you have any questions about this form, please call 561-955-6284.


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